WordPress is one of the worlds greats tools when it comes to website designs and development. There are some amazing tools to make your life easier that plug right in to your WordPress site.  These tools will give you access to data, resource, information, all church media related. It is our goal to become the only recourse needed when trying to figure out what do next with your church website. Please be patient with us as we build this resource. Also, as an organization we know that many many amazing church website designer out there like Ministry Website Designs they build beautiful sites on WordPress but also provide a wonderfully power content management system. Companies like this are also a great resource so occasionally we’ll be share site designers too.  With that being said, We’ve found that GoDaddy Has one of the best options of hosting. It’s so it only takes a matter of minutes. Really all you need to do is, Select their basic WordPress hosting package, hit the install button, and let it do it’s thing. The crazy part is, that’s not even the best part. the best part is, that it’s only a $1 a month… Told you it was crazy!  Ministry Website Designs, that I mentioned above only charge $10 a month (which is also heard to believe) but way spend it when all you have to do is spend $1?


Please interact with this blog, offer the resources and insight that you’ve learned along the way. WordPress can be a beautiful thing we pull our knowledge together offer what we can and us the skills the we have to reach people for Jesus. Because if you ask me, that’s what all if this about. I look at Web Designs and Development as my response to the great commission. We are all apart of the body of Christ, given different gifts to make “go and tell” a little easier.